Killer Mike is selling anti-Confederate merch

The new range shows a scoreboard between the Confederate States of America and the United States of America

Killer Mike has revealed a new range of anti-Confederate merchandise, following the violence at a white nationalist rally and counter-protest last weekend.

The Run The Jewels rapper revealed a scoreboard design printed on t-shirts, hoodies and mugs, which shows the USA as being 1-0 up on the Confederate States Of America.


Killer Mike also posted a video with a message for Donald Trump. “Can somebody please inform the casino owner masquerading as the United States President that, although he’s totally correct in Jefferson and Washington and many of the other notables and Presidents of this country being slave owners – absolutely correct about that,” he began.

“That doesn’t equate to keeping a Confederate General’s statue up because they were an oppositional force to this union, trying to secede from this union and form another union and/or republic.”

He continued to talk about how Trump’s comments make America look to the rest of the world, saying he didn’t “want to look that fucking stupid”. “So please stop saying that stupid shit and at least have a fucking argument that makes sense, with all respect,” he said.

“Don’t cheer for the team that was trying to break up the country that you’re now in charge of leading. Their flags don’t go up because they’re fucking losers. That simple.”

The merch is available here and priced between $17 (£13) and $65 (£51). See images of the range and Mike’s video above, via Billboard.

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