The Killers’ Brandon Flowers reveals how he made ‘made an ass of myself’ in front of Morrissey

Flowers recalls serving Moz as a waiter when he was 18

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has recalled an anecdote about an embarrassing encounter with Morrissey and how he tried to redeem himself years later.

Speaking in an interview with Yahoo Music, Flowers remembered how he served the former Smiths frontman when he worked as a “bus boy” (waiter) at Las Vegas restaurant Spago aged 18.

“[I] served him a mushroom pizza and Earl Grey tea, and I totally made an ass of myself,” Flowers remembered, explaining that he had felt embarrassed by remarking to Morrissey that “mushrooms are really cool.”


Flowers went on to describe how the pair hung out again years later at the Sunset Marquis hotel in Los Angeles.

“I hung out with Morrissey at this hotel,” Flowers said, “I came in one night at around 11 and everything was kind of shut down, but there was this one little light in the restaurant.”

“I grew up just idolising him,” the singer went on to say. “I instantly got excited, obviously, and I ended up getting the courage to introduce myself and stay for a few hours out there with the Moz. It was an incredible experience.”

“So I don’t know that I redeemed myself completely with this experience with him, but I tried.”

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The Las Vegas band will release new record ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ this Friday (September 22). It’s their sixth studio album and the first since 2012’s ‘Battle Born’.

Morrissey, meanwhile, releases his latest album ‘Low in High School’ on November 17. He unveiled the album’s lead single ‘Spent The Day In Bed’ earlier this week.