Kim Gordon on sexism in music: ‘It’s two steps forward, one step back’

The former Sonic Youth star has discussed women's sexuality in the industry in a new interview

Kim Gordon has spoken out about the state of the music industry for women in a new interview.

Speaking to the Guardian, the former Sonic Youth member discussed female performers using sexuality to promote their music, describing the situation as “two steps forward, one step back.”

“Are women using their sexuality to sell records because they’re empowered? In which case yeah, great,” she told the paper. “But with some women it’s almost inbred and there’s pressure of competitiveness: who can be the sexiest? Male executives don’t have to say anything because women know. And it’s all aesthetically pleasing but it gets a little boring after a while if that’s the only side that gets promoted.”

Gordon, now 60, also revealed how her songwriting in the late ’80s to reflect the sexism and narrow-mindedness she experienced as a woman in a band, admitting: “I was looking for subject matter, and I thought: ‘If I’m a woman, I can write about all these things. I don’t have to write a love song.'”

She explained further: “In rock music people have certain assumptions that it makes people more enlightened and it really doesn’t. It was the same thing playing for Neil Young’s audience [in 1991] and being reminded that hippies can be really narrow-minded. We were around people who felt like, ‘We’re groovy, we’re cool,’ but they were so sexist. It was just in your face all the time.”

The musician, actor and artist recently made an appearance in Lena Dunham’s hit TV show Girls and is currently working on her first memoir, which has the working title Girl In A Band.