Kim Kardashian says Kanye West isn’t “educated” on Donald Trump’s politics

"I’ve educated him recently"

Kim Kardashian has opened up on Kanye West‘s support for Donald Trump, and says that he isn’t fully versed in the Republican President’s politics.

As she appeared at the Criminal Justice Reform Summit hosted by Variety and Rolling Stone, Kardashian explained that Kanye instead admires the President’s charisma.

“He’s [Kanye] very not political, actually, he just happens to like Donald Trump’s personality, but doesn’t know about the politics,” Kardashian told CNN’s Van Jones. “So, I’ve educated him recently.”

She also insists that she and Kanye have “very similar politics” but the star is the “worst communicator”.

Donald Trump and Kanye West

Donald Trump and Kanye West

“What he fights for is the right to like what he wants to like. Even if it’s different from what you like”, Kardashian explains.

Kardashian also briefly touched on Kanye’s online vow to “stay away from politics”.

“He never said, ‘Okay, I know what’s going on with immigration, and I know this and I know that.’ If he really knew, he would feel very compassionate about it. He never said that he supports that”, she said.

“I know it’s very confusing because when you see someone wearing a red hat you would think that they are supporting that. But he’s just fighting for free thought and freedom to like a person even if it’s not the popular decision.”

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed that Kanye’s ‘Yandhi’ has been delayed once more, after it was originally touted for release in September.