Kim Petras reveals when her SOPHIE collaboration will drop

Please hurry up

Kim Petras has announced that her collaboration with SOPHIE will be released on February 7.

The German pop star teased working with the London-based producer during a Q&A earlier in January when a fan asked Petras what her favourite SOPHIE song is. Petras replied: “The one we about to drop”.

On Friday (January 25), Petras tweeted a date – February 7 – along with a star emoji. Yesterday (January 27,  she wrote on Twitter: “Yes it’ll b the Sophie collab but also more”.


It’s now expected that the single will be ‘123 Dayz.’

Petras has worked with SOPHIE before. The duo performed Petras’ ‘We Don’t Stop’ at Brooklyn’s LadyLand Festival in 2018, which features production from the PC Music star.

Elsewhere, Petras has collaborated with Charli XCX on the British singer’s 2017 cut ‘Unlock It’, and also had Paris Hilton appear in the video for ‘I Don’t Want It All’.

Kim Petras photographed by Charlotte Rutherford

In an interview with NME last year, Petras revealed that her debut album is “ready.” “It really depends on how the singles are going when I’m going to drop it, but I’m super excited about it!”


She added that her “number one goal is to become “one of the songwriting greats.” Petras’ first mixtape, ‘Turn Off the Light, Vol.’ was released in October 2018.