Beta Band star says he’s not quitting music

Steve Mason had people worried

King Biscuit Time and former Beta Band frontman Steve Mason has moved to reassure fans that he will not be quitting music, and will be seeking to tour with his band again at some point in the future.

Many fans feared that Mason had left the industry towards the end of April, after his self-administered Myspace site posted a message which read simply:

“Peace to you all. I’m out of here. It’s been amazing but I’ve had enough. The mountain beat me and sadly you too. That don’t mean you should give up. It just wasn’t me. Over and out, Steve.”

He also cancelled a scheduled national tour, although his debut album ‘Black Gold’ was released as planned on Monday (May 15).

In the weeks which followed Mason remained incommunicado, prompting speculative concerns over his mental state – in the past, the singer has described himself as a ‘reclusive, depressive maniac’. However he has now broken his silence in a further posting on the site, which reads, under the heading ‘Support’:

”I want to say thank you all so much for the messages of support and love. Ithas been a whacked out time for me and the messages meant so much, really.

“I’m very lucky to have such people who are into the moosic I make. Thank you. I do feel a lot better now and will return. Want to apologize for cancelling the tour but it was not possible to do it at the time. But that will be happening at some point.

Working with a friend on her music right now which is helping me get back into it. Album came out Monday, very happy with it

and hope you get on it. Peace and general warm vibrations to you all, Steve.”

It remains unclear whether Mason intends to reschedule the cancelled dates, or to rearrange new ones.

The tour was due to visit:

Belfast Spring & Airbrake (May 12)

Limerick Dolans (13)

Cork Cypress Avenue (14)

Dublin Whelans (15)

Edinburgh Venue (17)

London Scala (18)

Birmingham Barfly (19)

Brighton Hanbury Ballroom (20)

Manchester Academy 3 (22)

Glasgow Oran Mor (23)