It's an '80s fest for the US house producer...

US house producer KING BRITT has been working with ’80s idols ALISON MOYET, DE LA SOUL and ABC frontman on the new album under his SYLK 130 alias.

Talking exclusively to NME.COM , King Britt explained that the forthcoming album was “influenced by my dedication to the ’80s,” in a similar manner to the way the first Sylk 130 album ‘When The Funk Hits The Fun’ was his homage to ’70s disco.

“A lot of people are doing the stuff, but they’re just imitating what happened,” he said of the ’80s revival that’s exploded since he recorded the album. “They haven?t actually got the people on it.”

The track featuring Alison Moyet, ‘Skipping Stones’, is the former Yazoo singer’s first released work for over five years. “I just sent her the track fully done apart from strings,” said Britt. “Then, as soon as she got it, whoomph, it came back the next week with rough vocals on it. She’s actually just finished another album of her own because she was so inspired.”

De La Soul, meanwhile, feature on ‘Cobbs Creek’. “The track’s been kicking around for ages,” Britt explained. “I took the track and pressed, and I had Jazzy Jeff come in the studio while De La Soul rapped it live. Then when we mixed it, we kept it really dry and raw to keep that basement vibe.”

Finally, Britt is admitted that working with ABC’s Martin Fry on ‘One And Only’ was the fulfilment of a long held-ambition. “He was one of the first white musicians to be on Soul Train,” he enthused. “ABC for us back in the day were so soulful and funky. You knew that they were from England, but you didn’t want to believe they were from England!”

‘Re: Members Only’ by Sylk 130 is available in March 2001 through Six Degrees.