King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard look set to release new album ‘L.W.’ next month

Following the recent 'K.G.'

The ever-prolific King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard look set to release another new album next month.

A since-deleted pre-order page on Australian distributor Elusive Disc’s website (as pointed out by Exclaim!), a new album called ‘L.W.’ will land on February 26, following November’s ‘K.G.’ record.

A synopsis for the new album on the pre-order page reads: “Serving as both a standalone work and a companion piece to 2020 predecessor K.G.L.W. sees the Melbourne-based innovators produce a truly original album.


“As the band enter their second decade, the creative future of this most 21st century of outfits only promises to be bolder, madder and more imaginative than ever.”

Fans of the band have previously dug up proof of the forthcoming ‘L.W.’ album, pointing out its appearance on a new t-shirt of the band’s, containing all of their albums to date, including the new release at the bottom.

See the reported tracklisting for ‘L.W.’ below, including the band’s recent single ‘If Not Now, Then When?’ as its opening track.

1. If Not Now, Then When?
2. O.N.E.
3. Pleura
4. Supreme Ascendancy
5. Static Electricity
6. East West Link
8. Ataraxia
9. See Me
10. K.G.L.W.

The Aussie psych band shared new album ‘K.G.’ in November. Reviewing the albumNME wrote: “No doubt many of these songs will go on to be fan favourites, but while it’s not a step backwards, it certainly is a step sideways for a band who until now have been in perpetual motion.”


The band also recently launched a new bootleg program, which allows fans, indie labels and more to release the band’s music how they wish. On a new website, the band have uploaded master files for nine full-length albums, including live and demo recordings, a new rarities album called ‘Teenage Gizzard’ and their 2017 free download album ‘Polygondwanaland’.

Fans, labels and more are then allowed to download the files from the website and package them into new releases however they see fit, on vinyl, CD, tape and beyond, as long as they send the band copies to sell on their online store.