King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard share Hayao Miyazaki-inspired animated video for ‘Interior People’

The fifth of ten videos to come from their latest album, ‘Butterfly 3000’

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have released a suitably trippy new film clip for their track ‘Interior People’.

Directed by Ivan Dixon (whose catalogue also boasts work with names like Childish Gambino and Elton John), the hand-animated video sports a stylised, retro-esque aesthetic that matches the song’s fantastical and psychedelic edge.

Watch the video for ‘Interior People’ below:


As the filmmaker explained in a statement, Dixon was allowed a notable amount of creative freedom in working on the ‘Interior People’ video, with the band’s only stipulation being that it had to include butterflies.

Visually, the clip draws inspiration from the 1981 science-fiction film Heavy Metal, as well as French artist Moebius and Japanese anime icon Hayao Miyazaki (who is best known as a founder of Studio Ghibli).

“When I listened to ‘Interior People,’ I immediately pictured something with momentum, like a wild road trip,” Dixon said. “That’s where the idea of the protagonist riding a giant butterfly came from. The title made me think of cocoons.

“Maybe our hero was trying to find a cocoon to metamorphose into a butterfly herself? Little moments of affection between her and her butterfly could hint at a deeper bond between them. Were they lovers?

“With the cocoon I really wanted to design the kind of thing you would find in a typical Australian garden as a kid. The ones with little sticks poking out of them. I’ve never seen those particular cocoons represented anywhere before.”


As for the song itself, King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard member Joey Walker described ‘Interior People’ as “the internal battle of questioning your own sanity, and the joy that comes in letting go and surrendering to the void”.

It’s the fifth song from the band’s 18th studio album, ‘Butterfly 3000’, to receive a music video, following ‘Yours’, ‘Shanghai’, ‘Dreams’ and ‘Blue Morpho’. Upon the album’s release last month, the band confirmed that a video will be released for each of the record’s ten tracks.

Last week, it was announced King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard would release a 350-page photo book titled CHUNKY.

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