King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard warn of impending doom on new single ‘If Not Now, Then When?’

"Look out your window; the world is on fire"

Less than a month after the release of their last studio album, King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have returned with a new single, ‘If Not Now, Then When?’.

The track begins with the microtonal, doom guitar that has recently dominated their music, before pivoting onto an electric harpsichord groove – frontman Stu Mackenzie sings dire warnings on climate change in falsetto.

“This song was written pre-covid, but feels even more potent now. Look out your window; the world is on fire,” the band wrote in a statement.


‘If Not Now…’ arrives with a new animated music video, directed by Dr D Foothead. It focuses on the travels of a girl who attends a Gizz concert and stumbles upon an all-powerful orb, absorbing anything and everything she comes upon.

Watch the clip below.

Some fans on social media have pointed out that the new track appears to continue on from the last track of ‘K.G’, ‘The Hungry Wolf of Fate’. In a press release around the release of the album, the band said it was “part of a bigger musical picture”.

In an interview with NME, guitarist Joey Walker teased a “big year of output” in 2021, with what he said would be their most divisive music yet.


“Part of me thinks it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. And part of me thinks it’s the worst,” Walker said.

The guitarist also said a sequel of sorts to this year’s concert film Chunky Shrapnel was planned, presenting new versions of forthcoming material: “Everything’s been done in terms of a music documentary and live albums or whatever it’s going to be, but there’s a certain distilled thing we’re trying for that we really haven’t seen.”

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