King Princess shares new track and unveils title of second album

"I thought it would be extra fab to begin releasing this new record with a song about my two best friends from high school"

King Princess has today (March 21) shared a new track – listen to ‘For My Friends’ below.

The musician, real name Mikaela Straus, also revealed details of their second album title, which is called ‘Hold On Baby’. The album will be released later this year.

Speaking about the new track, King Princess said: “I thought it would be extra fab to begin releasing this new record with a song about my two best friends from high school,


“These girls have been through the pits with me, and the more time I spend with them as an adult, the more I’m reminded that they are my home. So thank you my angel horse queens for sticking with me. I love you all and I can’t wait to give you this song.”

You can watch the video for the new song, which has been directed by Nick Harwood, here:

Earlier this year, King Princess teamed up with alt-soul singer Fousheé for a driving indie-rock anthem titled ‘Little Bother’.

‘Little Bother’ was written alongside multi-instrumentalist Zach Fogarty. Speaking about the track, they said: “I have been a big fan of Fousheé for a while, so when we started DM’ing and eventually set a date in the studio, it was a dream. ‘Little Bother’ kind of came out of nowhere; Zach had the guitar part and Fou and I just started going off.”

“It became this song about tiptoeing around someone you’ve lost and feeling like a pest,” Straus continued. “It poses questions to a person who may not be listening at all and I think that’s a beautiful sentiment.”


King Princess released their debut album ‘Cheap Queen’ last November, followed by a deluxe edition in February 2020. Since then, they’ve released singles ‘House Burn Down’ and ‘Pain’.

Straus has been working on the followup to ‘Cheap Queen’. Discussing the “legendary” album, they said: “I think this new record just as overall is a lot more about me. There’s less love songs than I’ve ever written, which is crazy, but when there are moments of love, they’re not unrequited.”

“Like it’s about my relationship with Quinn (Wilson). It’s about kind of growing up, and my position in the industry. And feeling inadequacy and anger in a funny way. And that’s the thing that I do well, there’s always a sense of humour. Also, I was really focused on songwriting in a different way than I have in the past…This was all done sitting at pianos or guitars.”

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