King Princess teases “legendary” new album that she’s “super proud of”

The 'Cheap Queen' follow-up was "all done sitting at pianos or guitars"

King Princess has teased her next album, calling it a “legendary” album that she’s “super proud of”.

The New York-based singer released her debut album ‘Cheap Queen’ back in 2019, and is already readying its follow-up.

Speaking on Audacy’s New Arrivals with Bryce Segall, King Princess said work on her second album is all written and almost into the mixing stage.


“I came out with a really legendary album I’m super proud of,” she said. “I’m done writing. Now we get into mixing in August, and then the rest of that time will be spent working on the creative.”

Discussing the content of the new record, she added: “I think this new record just as overall is a lot more about me. There’s less love songs than I’ve ever written, which is crazy, but when there are moments of love, they’re not unrequited.

“Like it’s about my relationship with Quinn. It’s about kind of growing up, and my position in the industry. And feeling inadequacy and anger in a funny way. And that’s the thing that I do well, there’s always a sense of humour…”

She added: “Also, I was really focused on songwriting in a different way than I have in the past…This was all done sitting at pianos or guitars.”


Last month, King Princess hosted a livestreamed show called Heartbreak Odyssey. Reviewing the show, NME wrote: “Straus covers a whole American songbook’s worth of styles with relative ease, and there’s so much raw talent on display that her songs will likely catch up with her ambition soon enough.”