The likes of Alfie and Andy Votel get to work on the Norwegian duo's acoustic ditties...

Norwegian acoustic duo KINGS OF CONVENIENCE are to release a remix album, ‘VERSUS’, which will feature alternative takes of their songs from the likes of ANDY VOTEL, ALFIE and LADYTRON.

‘Versus’ is released on October 22, and will feature remixes of tracks from their current record ‘Quiet Is The New Loud’.

The confirmed tracklisting is: ‘I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From’ – Royksopp mix

‘Weight Of My Words’ – Fourtet vocal mix

‘Girl From Back Then’ – Riton mix

‘Gold For The Price Of Silver’ – KOC / Erot

‘Winning A Battle’- Andy Votel mix

‘Leaning Against The Wall’ – Evil Tordivel Upbeat Remake

‘Toxic Girl’ – Monte Carlo mix

‘Failure’ – Alfie Version

‘Little Kids’ – Ladytron Fruits Of Forest mix

‘Failure’ – Radio mix

‘Leaning Against The Wall’ – Bamboo Soul mix

”Weight Of My Words’ – Fourtet instrumental

Kings Of Convenienceare currently in Ibiza, where they play two live shows this week.