Kings of Leon’s mum says none of the band need to go to rehab

Betty Ann Murphy also says that the band will return 'better than ever'

Betty Ann Murphy, mother of Kings Of Leon members Caleb, Jared and Nathan Followill and aunt of Mathew Followill, has promised that her boys will return “better than ever”.

Their mother has also confirmed that their recent troubles do not spell the end of the band. According to Contact Music, Murphy said “They’ll be back better than ever. It’s not the end of the band.” She added that none of Kings Of Leon needed to go to rehab because of their drinking, saying:

Sometimes they all drink more than they should – they’re young men and go on a binge. None of them need rehab.

Kings Of Leon‘s cancellation of their recent US tour apparently cost their insurers over $15 million (£9.14 million) according to reports.

The Tennessee band cancelled the remaining dates of their North American tour earlier this month, citing frontman Caleb Followill‘s “vocal issues and exhaustion” as the reason for shelving the dates.

The band’s bassist Jared Followill and drummer Nathan have issued denials that Kings Of Leon are planning to split up, but have admitted that the band have “big problems”.

The band will restart their touring schedule on September 28 in Canada.