Kings Of Leon accept ‘Glee’ boss Ryan Murphy’s apology

Singer Caleb Followill says he doesn't 'bear any grudges'

Kings Of Leon have buried the hatchet with Glee creator Ryan Murphy after his recent outbursts against the band.

The Followills said they have accepted his apology after Murphy recently said he regretted branding them “self-centred assholes”.

“Im glad he said something,” frontman Caleb Followill told Rolling Stone. “We don’t hold grudges.”

“I’ll just be glad when I can check my Google alerts and don’t have to read anything about us and Glee,” drummer Nathan Followill added. “That’ll be a wonderful feeling.”

Since their original spat, the band also revealed that they’ve become friendly with Matthew Morrison who plays Will Schuester in the series.

Murphy‘s apology comes after the band turned down a request to allow the show’s characters to perform their song ‘Use Somebody’. He added that he thought the band were “cool as shit”.