Kings Of Leon recording ‘chilled out’ and ‘beach-y’ new album

Nathan Followill says band will play new material live in June

Kings Of Leon drummer Nathan Followill has given an update on the recording of the band’s new album.

Speaking as part of a press conference for the Bonnaroo festival, Followill said the follow-up to ‘Only By The Night’ is “coming along great”, reports

He added: “[It’s been the] first time we ever recorded in New York City and we thought we’d come out with a darker record because we’d done all our records in either Nashville or Los Angeles where it’s a little more chilled out.”

Speaking of the direction the band have taken on the album, he said: “It’s got songs that are beach-y and songs that are a little more like our [2003 debut album] ‘Youth & Young Manhood’ days. We’re super excited. It will be interesting to see how well received it is.”

He also confirmed that the band will play new material when they headline Bonnaroo festival in Manchester, Tennessee on June 11.

“It will be tough to not play the whole [new album] at Bonnaroo. We’re going to try to be very selective of what we play, but there will definitely be some new tunes.”

The band are set to play London’s Hyde Park on June 30.