Fans split on Kings Of Leon’s ‘pigeon shit’ gig walk out

Plus watch footage from the St Louis show

Kings Of Leon fans are split over the band’s decision to abandon a gig after being pelted with “pigeon shit”.

The group walked offstage in St Louis, Missouri at the weekend (July 23) after they were showered in excrement from birds living in the venue’s rafters.

You can watch video footage from the gig below. Plus read Daniel Balk from support band The Postelles’ exclusive blog on what it was like to play on the stage before the Kings Of Leon.

However some fans who have contacted NME believe the bands could have continued to prove their rock ‘n’ roll credentials.

“What the fuck happened to real rock stars?” moaned Rgusto. “The fuggin’ Sex Pistols would played extra long in these conditions just because!”

Meanwhile, Stickyfingeredboy added: “What the fuck is happening to rock ‘n’ roll? Give me the old Kings Of Leon any day, I’m sure they remember the good old days back in Tennessee when they got more than pigeon shit chucked at them!”

However, other fans have backed the Followills‘ decision to cut the show short.

“People rattling on about carrying on playing while being shat on are full of shit,” wrote TerryHall. “If you were being shat on while trying to do your job would you put up with it? No, you wouldn’t!”

Kings Of Leon drummer Nathan Followill defended the decision, telling fans: “Don’t take it out on Jared, it’s the fucking venue’s fault. You may enjoy being shit on, but we don’t.”