Kings Of Leon: ‘Glasvegas aren’t run-of-the-mill rock stars’

Plus Jared Followill admits he thought She And Him were a joke band…

Kings Of Leon‘s Jared Followill has declared his love for Glasvegas – and admitted that when he first saw duo She And Him play live he thought they were a joke band.

Followill told the New York Times that the Scottish band reminded him of music he loved as a youth – but revealed he had trouble understanding frontman James Allan‘s accent.

“I saw them [Glasvegas] in concert, and they’re just incredible,” he said. “They look like a band you stumble into in Nashville; they’re playing rockabilly music, not like run-of-the-mill rock stars.

“It reminds me of music we listened to when we were growing up, oldies like Tommy James And The Shondells. [Their album] has a beautiful old sound, the way they use so much reverb on the vocals and guitars.

“I can’t always understand what he’s [Allan] saying but the music they put behind it makes it really relevant. Somehow it makes sense.”

Followill went on to describe the first time he saw She And Him live, on the ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien’ TV show. “I was like, what the hell — is that her or Katy Perry?” he said. “I thought it was a promotional thing for a movie where she’s a country singer.

“[But she was] so cute and so cool. Later I found out she was in a band, so I bought the record. It’s beautiful.”