Kings Of Leon say settling down has helped their music

Plus band 'would love to kick Fall Out Boy's arses'

Kings Of Leon have revealed that avoiding drugs and girls has helped their music.

Caleb Followill told The Sun that getting long-term girlfriends and staying away from their old party lifestyle has meant that the band could concentrate on new album ‘Only By The Night’, which has so far spawned their first Number One single ‘Sex On Fire’.

Followill told the paper: “You [the band members] were in your hotel room all by yourself all day. You wake up and it’s already dark out and you’re so lonely. So at night, you go out with girls.

“At the end of the day, you want to be doing something that will, hopefully, be remembered. You want that to be on the cover of the magazines, and the other stuff to be the blurb. As opposed to that on the magazine cover and the music as a blurb.”

His brother, Jared Followill, explained that the band want more than their recent chart success with ‘Sex On Fire’, saying: “We consider ourselves to be better than a lot of those bands that are big now, like Panic! At The Disco or Fall Out Boy,” he said. “We would love to kick their arses out of there.”