Kings Of Leon start work on ‘anthemic’ new album

Band set to hit the studio this week

Kings Of Leon are going back into the studio this week to start work on their third album.

The band circled last Sunday (March 19) in their diary as the date they were due to start work on the follow-up to 2004’s ‘A-ha Shake Heartbreak’ – which is set for release in September or October.

Drummer Nathan Followill told NME.COM: “Man, we’re sitting on a bunch of songs right now that we wish we could let the world hear!”

At present there’s at least seven songs completely written and ready to record, with a similar number of works in progress.

Bassist Jared Followill said: “We feel like we did in high school when we used to tell people we were going to be famous and nobody believed us. We all feel like; ‘Man, this record is going to be so big! So good!’ Not big as in record sales, but just in the way it sounds and how much better… it’s going to be a lot more anthemic than anything we’ve done.”

Singer Caleb Followill added: “We’ll sit there and say we have a song even if it’s not completely finished just because we know how it makes us feel. We’re always going to try to beat anything that we’ve done – that’s why it’s kind of hard going out there and playing all the old songs.”

Working titles include ‘Arizona’, ‘The Trunk’, ‘I’m On Call’, ‘Being Fearless’ and ‘Song From Homegirls’ Mix-tape’. The band say that recording is unlikely to last more than six weeks.

“We see things in kind of like an older sense. So many people, you can tell that they put too much thought in to their records, and you can definitely put too much thought in to a record and over produce and put all this shit on there,” Nathan said. “We just figure if you’re a band, that’s what you do – you record music, it means you make records as soon as possible. Soon as we write a song we want people to hear it.”

A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM the group are currently deciding on a producer for the album.