The band say ‘it was just pouring out’ in the studio…

Kings Of Leon have further details about their forthcoming second album ’A-HA SHAKE HEARTBREAK’.

The album, set for release in the UK on November 1, will be preceded by the first single ’The Bucket’ on October 25 and follows the success of the band’s 2003 debut ’Youth And Young Manhood’.

Speaking about the five-week, 12-song recording session earlier this year in California’s Studio City, drummer Nathan Followill said: “We played so many shows and saw so much stuff, that when we got time off, it was just pouring out.

He added: “On the last record there were no expectations, because we had no fans and we had never made music before. On this one we knew what we wanted, and we were very comfortable and confident.”

Recorded with producer Ethan Johns, tracks set to appear on ’A-Ha Shake Heartbreak’, include ’Pistol Of Fire’, ’Milk’, ’Soft’, ’Razz’ and ’King Of Rodeo’.

Nathan told Rolling Stone: “There are definitely songs on there that you hear and think, ‘That’s the Kings Of Leon‘, and then there are songs that take three or four listens to realise that it’s us.”

Kings Of Leon are set to head out on an East Coast US tour in October and will release the new album stateside in January.