The band line up new out-of-this-world collaborator…

Kings Of Leon are set to gain a new extra-terrestrial friend for their next video.

The band want to release ‘Milk’ as their next single, but revealed it will put them at odds with their record label, so they may just put the song out themselves and make their own video.

Bassist Jared Followill told NME.COM: “We thought about releasing ‘Milk’ as a single, but no one wants us to. So we’re trying to think of a video concept. I kind of have a vision of like an alien leaving earth, a really sad alien, and if anybody rips that video off, I’ll fucking kill ‘em.”

Meanwhile Followill revealed that the band have been writing material for the follow-up to second album ‘A-Ha Shake Heartbreak’.

“We’ve written a shitload right now,” he said. “We may go into the studio in November but we’re writing so much every day. We’ve probably got at least seven or eight songs. We’re really confident and I feel like we write the best song every fucking day. This is kind of the beginning of what Kings Of Leon are to be.”