'Youth And Young Manhood' is out in July...

KINGS OF LEON will release their long-awaited debut album ‘YOUTH AND YOUNG MANHOOD’ on July 7.

The LP follows February’s ‘Holy Roller Novacaine’ EP and new single ‘Red Morning Light’, released on June 2.

Caleb Followill, singer/guitarist with the band, told Reuters that the Bible inspired the title of the album. He said, “We were going through a box of all kinds of stuff, and we found my dad’s old preaching Bible… There was this cool-looking tree in the back of it called the ‘Tree of Life’, and on each branch it said something different. One of them was ‘youth and young manhood.’ The album title says a lot about us and our band, where we are and the things that we’re going through.”


The recording of the album was divided between Sound City Studios, California where Nirvana‘s ‘Nevermind’ was made – and Shangri-La Studio in Malibu – former recording haunt of The Band, Johnny Cash, Ryan Adams, with Coral and Counting Crows producer Ethan Johns at the desk.

During the recording of the album, the band used a guitar lent to them by Keith Richards and the third Telecaster ever made. Caleb told NME, “Every now and then we’d break out the Number Three Telecaster or Charlie Watts’ drumkit… That stuff sounds so old.”

The band, comprising of brothers Caleb, Nathan, and Jared Followill and cousin Matthew Followill, all share a house outside of Nashville, which Caleb describes as “house full of long-haired naked men”.

He also commented on working with close family, “Of course we have our disagreements,” he said. “We’re brothers, and you can take it too far sometimes. But because we’re brothers, it is great at helping us stay grounded – no matter what you’re reading about in the papers, whether it’s good or bad.”

Kings Of Leon are currently touring with [a][/a] in the US, before appearing on August 9 at the Bonnaroo NE festival in Riverhead, New York. The band will later join the revived Lollapalooza tour.