Kings Of Leon reveal their most gruesome and gory fan story

Brace yourself...

Kings of Leon have revealed that they were once asked to sign a fan’s newly-broken arm.

The band shared the story during a recent interview with Radio X, when host Gordon Smart asked them to describe the maddest thing they have ever seen on stage.

“We’ve seen somebody come over the front with a badly broken arm,” Caleb Followill replied.


Nathan Followill continued: “But we just came off stage before the encore, so we go cool off – whatever. And they’re like, ‘Can you please just come sign something real quick? Somebody broke their arm coming over the barrier and they refused to go until you sign her arm, so when her cast is taken off, the first thing she sees is you guys.”

“So a couple of us actually signed,” Nathan confirmed.

“Around the bone,” Caleb added.

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The four-piece band, who released their seventh studio album ‘WALLS’ in October, have recently shared a video for the track ‘Reverend’.

Starring the Followills as investigative scientists who are drawn to a mysterious glowing orb that crashes in the woods, the science-fiction clip sees the occupants and authorities of a small American town falling victim to the effects of the orb whenever they are exposed to it – apart from a small group of cheerleaders who instead appear to gain powers from the orb.

The events of the video appear to follow the storyline set out or at least hinted by the band’s previous two videos for ‘Waste A Moment’ and ‘Find Me’.


Meanwhile, Kings of Leon will join Kasabian and Arcade Fire as headliners at Croatian festival INmusic Festival in the summer.