Kirk Hammett’s signed guitar from Metallica’s ‘One’ video sells for £82,000 at auction

The ESP Strat-style guitar was purchased by an anonymous buyer

The guitar used by Kirk Hammett in the video for Metallica‘s classic single ‘One’ has sold for $112,500 (£82,000) at auction.

The ESP 400 series instrument, which was described as being ​in “excellent” condition, was purchased yesterday (April 11) by an anonymous buyer via Heritage Auctions.

Hammett’s signature appears in silver ink at the bottom of the natural solid body, with the guitar also coming with a signed certificate of authenticity and original hard case.


An official description reads: “Very clean and all-original ESP Strat-style guitar. Has a 1 & 11/16th width nut on a rosewood slab neck. Signed on the body in silver ink by Kirk Hammett and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, also signed by Kirk Hammett. 7.90 lbs. Original hard case included. Condition: Excellent.”

Anyone wishing to purchase the guitar from its new owner have the option to make an offer on the Heritage Auctions listing. The owner’s willingness to entertain and respond to offers has not yet been verified, however an offer price of $168,750 (£123,000) is currently being displayed.

Metallica’s video for ‘One’ came out back in 1989, and was the first official video the band ever made. The single features on the group’s fourth studio album ‘…And Justice for All’, released in 1988.

“Shot in black and white and splicing footage and audio from the 1971 film Johnny Got His Gun, the ‘One’ video was a staple on MTV,” Heritage’s listing continues. “But it wasn’t just a Headbanger’s Ball staple – it was on MTV during the daytime in between videos from U2, Debbie Gibson, and Bon Jovi.

“It was an intense proclamation that showed Metallica was going to be a band to reckon with in the mainstream in the years to come.”


Meanwhile, a collaboration between Metallica and Elton John appears to be on the horizon. John revealed last month that he’s “done something” with the band, although further details on the project are not yet known.