Gene Simmons says Prince’s death was ‘a choice’

Kiss singer had already made controversial comments about Prince’s death

Kiss singer Gene Simmons has made further controversial comments about Prince’s death, implying that Prince chose to die.

Shortly after Prince’s death in May, Simmons said Prince had died of a drug overdose, several weeks before the official cause of death was confirmed.

Now, Simmons has told US radio station WNOR: “I knew Prince and I knew Bowie. Bowie died from disease. Prince died from drugs, as did Michael Jackson. Drugs killed them, but it was a choice.”


Simmons went on: “It’s so sad they went that way, because you have every reason to live. You hurt your fans and you hurt everybody.”

After his comments in May, Simmons had apologised, saying: “I have a long history of getting very angry at what drugs do to the families and friends of addicts. I didn’t express myself properly.”

But, in his new interview, Simmons said: “I’d stated it for a fact: he died because of drugs use. People got very upset, but that’s why he died. Drugs are a selfish thing. This generation, and previous ones, believe that drugs use are a part of life, but I reject that. You play with fire, you’re going to get burnt.”

Neither Simmons or fellow Kiss singer Paul Stanley have ever drunk or taken drugs.