Former Kiss guitarist ‘open’ to original line-up reunion

Founding member was in the band from 1973 to 1982 and then again from 1996 to 2002

Kiss founding member and former lead guitarist Ace Frehley has said that he would be open to the possibility of rejoining the band.

Frehley’s first stint in the hard rock band spanned from 1973 until 1982, later rejoining for a reunion tour in 1996 and departing again in 2002.

Speaking at a BackStory event at AOL studios in New York City last month (March 23), Frehley said he’s “leaving the door open”, adding: “I’m the kind of guy that says, ‘Never say never’. I know those guys are always saying I don’t deserve to wear the makeup, and ‘We’ll never work with Ace again.’ But, you know, they said that before the reunion tour in ’96. So who knows?”

Frehley went on to add that the idea “hasn’t been discussed” but “Who knows what the future will bring? If it did happen at some point… it’d be magical if it was handled right.”

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons recently made headlines by engaging in a Twitter spat with NWA’s Ice Cube. Simmons had originally objected to the hip-hop’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

The hip-hop group were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame earlier this month (April 8) alongside Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, Chicago, Steve Miller and songwriter/producer Bert Berns during a ceremony at the Barclay’s Centre in Brooklyn, New York.

After Gene Simmons tweeted saying “let me know when Jimi Hendrix gets into the Hip Hop Hall Of Fame”, Ice Cube responded by pointing out the black influence on the genre of rock and roll.

“Who stole the soul? Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Chubby Checkers help invent Rock n Roll. We invent it. Y’all reprint it,” Ice Cube wrote on Twitter.

In response to Cube’s tweets, Simmons repeated his original sentiment, adding: “I stand by my words. Respect NWA, but when [Led Zeppelin] gets into Rap Hall of Fame, I will agree with your point”.