Kiss’ Gene Simmons: ‘The music industry didn’t have the balls to sue file-sharers’ – video

See video of the bassist talking about illegal file sharing on NME.COM

KissGene Simmons has accused the music industry of not reacting fast enough to curb the problem of illegal file-sharing, and you can see video of the bassist talking about the issue below.

Speaking at the MIPCOM convention in Cannes, France on Tuesday (October 5), Simmons said that harsher punishments must be given to those caught downloading music illegally, reports Ars Technica.

“Make sure your brand is protected,” Simmons insisted. “Make sure there are no incursions. Be litigious. Sue everybody. Take their homes, their cars. Don’t let anybody cross that line.”

The bassist continued by saying that lawsuits against illegal file-sharers should have happened sooner.

“The music industry was asleep at the wheel,” he said. “And [they] didn’t have the balls to sue every fresh-faced, freckle-faced college kid who downloaded material. And so now we’re left with hundreds of thousands of people without jobs. There’s no industry.”

Skip to the 32 minute mark of the video to hear Simmons talking about the music industry in full.