KISS to replace band members through new reality show?

Stanley says nay, Simmons says yay

Roumours are raging in Europe of Kiss-themed clone reality show echoing the UK’s ‘X Factor’ after an interview the band did in Norway.

The interview, which is a small segment of an hour long Kiss special airing on Norway’s NRK channel on September 1 around the release of the ‘Kissology’ box set in Europe, sees vocalists Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley disagreeing on whether there will be a Kiss reality show for bands.

On the footage the interviewer asks: “At some point will we see a Kiss idol like ‘American idol’?”


Simmons replies: The answer is yes… the deal has just been signed.”

The clip then cuts to Stanley saying: “There is no signed deal it’s you know again it’s when we’re both asked the same question sometimes you get different answers.”

This contradiction now seems to have been cleared up – kind of.

A statement from Stanley released on the Kiss said: “A Kiss clone reality show? First of all, contrary to what was said by anyone, there is no signed deal. Secondly, if we were to do a ‘Kiss II’, and I don’t rule that out, it would be in addition to, and never in place of Kiss. If we were to do it, I know it would be done in a groundbreaking way and would be tremendously entertaining.”

Stanley added that the band aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon though.

He said: “Kiss has always defined itself by the rules we break, so what’s the big surprise? We are in the middle of our biggest and most successful tour of Europe ever, playing to over a half million people, and neither Kiss or I have any plans to stop afterwards.”


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