Gene Simmons says new Kiss album will happen

The bassist's update comes after frontman Paul Stanley said a new album doesn't 'feel necessary'

Kiss‘ Gene Simmons has promised fans a new album from the rock band is on the way.

The bassist told a Dutch site that the group would record their 21st album next year, despite frontman Paul Stanley’s apparent misgivings about releasing new music.

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Classic Rock reports that Simmons said: “It will happen when we have time. I have music in me that needs to come out. I recently wrote a song called ‘Your Wish Is My Command’. It feels like a Kiss song and it just needs to be released on a Kiss album.”

According to the bassist, all four members of the group are behind the project, with Stanley set to produce, despite recently being quoted as saying releasing a new album didn’t “feel necessary”. “I’m glad [Paul is producing],” Simmons explained. “I no longer have the energy to come to the studio every day. Paul doesn’t have so many other things in his life that demand attention, so he can concentrate fully on the project.”

The 65-year-old added that the band had to “finish a whole slew of shows”, which would “take at least until the end of this year” before they could focus on recording the new album.