The ongoing farewell tour looks set to take the shock rockers somewhere they haven't been before in their long career...

KISS are planning to perform in RED SQUARE in MOSCOW.

Speaking to Australian website [url=], bassist Gene Simmons said that the band plan to continue their ongoing farewell tour, which is currently in Australia.

He said: “We are going to Red Square in Moscow for probably 200,000 people – which will be our first time there. There have been festivals there before with ten bands…lots of bands altogether.


“We’re just going there by ourselves and the Government is already making some noise over there about the security because it’s way over the top and I guess people want to see the band one last time”.

He added that the band are planning more shows in Europe, before a final date at Shea Stadium in New York.

Simmons also spoke out about the recent departure of drummer Peter Criss. He said: “”There are no villains and there are no victims. Sometimes Mum and Dad don’t see eye to eye and get divorced. This is not the first time Peter was not in the band.

Kiss is a very strange band because it really is a business. Everybody likes to think of it in terms of a lot of friends getting together and doing what they want but the only way to survive is to treat it seriously and we’re deadly serious about anything we do.

“We’re no different than your rugby. The team will continue even though one or two of the members either mess up or want too much so if any member decides that they’re more important than their team, they’re out”.

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