KISS’ Gene Simmons: ‘I never got a call to play Donald Trump’s inauguration’

Forthcoming ceremony has been snubbed by a host of musicians

KISS bassist Gene Simmons has insisted that he was never contacted by Donald Trump about performing at the President-elect’s inauguration.

Trump is understood to be having great difficulty booking acts to perform at his forthcoming ceremony in Washington, D.C. next month. Opera singer Andrea Bocelli pulled out last week, reportedly because fans reacted badly to news that he might be performing for Trump.

A TMZ reporter recently asked Simmons: “Gene, you’re the rock’n’roll Donald Trump, will you play at the inauguration?” when Shannon Tweed, his wife, and their daughter Sophie, ‘screamed out “No!” quickly and repeatedly.’


But in an interview with Fox & Friends, which you can watch below, Simmons said he was never even contacted about the ceremony which is set to take place on January 20, 2017.

“As far as I know, nobody ever called me. I know Donald Trump, I know our President-elect well enough I suppose, but I never got a call,” he said.

Simmons also repeated his view that disgruntled Americans should “get over” Trump being elected and “move on”.

“The problem with talking about this is everything has become so polarised, people should just give it a rest and stop trying to use politics or what our President-elect means or doesn’t mean as some kind of tool,” he added.

“Al-Qaeda… and all the other bad guys in the world don’t make a difference between Republicans and Democrats, they just don’t like Americans. Maybe we should all sign up for the American political party and get used to it. We have a President-elect now, let’s move on.”


Meanwhile, the lineup for Trump’s pre-inauguration ‘All-American Ball’ includes performances from Nashville singer/songwriter Beau Davidson, ’80s cover band The Reagan Years (who only perform songs that were released when Ronald Reagan was President), and The Mixx, who are billed as “the Mid-Atlantic’s hottest Party Band!”

Barack Obama’s first inauguration ceremony featured a performance from Aretha Franklin. The second featured performances from Beyonce, James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson.