Kiss to appear in new comic book ‘Phantom Obsession’ from Dynamite

The new comic arrives this August

Kiss are set to appear in a new comic book from Dynamite.

The group will appear in new story, Phantom Obsession, which has been written by Ian Edginton and will be available this August.

A synopsis of the comic reads: “As a young man in 1978, Darius Cho attended a concert of his favorite band, a memory that has stuck with him to this day. Now he is a massively wealthy tech giant, but mysteriously reclusive. Some even believe he may not exist at all, simply serving as a ghostly facade for an endless consortium of corporations.


“At least until Kiss receives an all-expense invitation to play an exclusive concert for him. Playing for an audience of just Cho, his assistant and a crowd of ‘Westworld’-style androids invented by the mega-billionaire, everything seems a little off… Especially when the band wakes up in luxurious accommodations, but with no way to leave, and their powerful talismans stolen from them!”

You can see one of the covers of the new comic here:

Kiss recently shared the trailer for a new documentary about their career called Biography: KISStory.

Directed by D.J. Viola, the documentary is said to chronicle the band’s 50-year career with founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons said to reflect on their extensive careers in the film.

A description of the documentary reads: “After 50 years of rocking and rolling all night and partying every day, the #1 Gold Record selling band of all time, KISS, shares their story of success before finally smashing their last guitar and extinguishing the fire-breathing demon.”


The film, which is four hours in length, will air via A&E over two evenings in the US on June 27 and June 28 from 9-11pm ET/PT. A UK release date has yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Gene Simmons will be hosting a MasterClass event in Las Vegas next month, where he will teach bass and songwriting.

The Kiss bassist will bring back the Gene Simmons’ Axe MasterClass for fans on June 26. Participants will get to learn how to write rock music in an afternoon class under Simmons’ guidance. There will also be a package that includes custom bass guitars hand-painted by the musician himself.

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