A huge KISS three-year world tour is coming

Prepare for "the most spectacular tour ever"

Gene Simmons has revealed that KISS are set to announce a huge three-year world tour – kicking off in January 2019.

Speaking to Swedish newspaper Expressen, Simmons described that the glam metal veterans would return in the new year with the “most spectacular tour ever”. He added that it would also take in “all continents”.

As Blabbermouth reports, back in February the band tried to trademark the phrase ‘The End Of The Road’, to be used in connection with “live performances by a musical band”. Many fans have since speculated that this could be a farewell tour from KISS.


However, in an interview with Australia’s News Corp, Simmons downplayed the retirement rumours.

“The god’s honest truth is that I’ve heard this before but I literally had never heard of it until somebody mentioned it and I had nothing to do with it,” he said. “So I might learn something, but I know nothing of it. I wouldn’t pull your leg, by the way.

“Kiss Catalog [the company that filed ‘The End Of The Road’ application] is one of our companies, that’s true — but we trademark all sorts of things. I own [the phrase] ‘Motion Pictures’ — I actually do.There’s always been talk, every tour, that this is the last time.”

He added: “Let me put it bluntly: One day we are going to stop and do the last show. I don’t know when that is… I still look stunning in real life.”

KISS Donald Trump


The band made headlines last year when KISS‘ Paul Stanley hit out at Marilyn Manson for his reaction to Charles Manson’s death – slamming him as ‘pathetic’ for ‘trying for publicity’ off the passing of a ‘scumbag’.

[It’s] pathetic when somebody [whose] career never really took off is desperate enough to try for publicity by connecting himself to the news of a murdering scumbag’s death,” he wrote.

This forms part of an ongoing feud between Manson and the glam-rock giants, after Manson recently described KISS as “four gay dudes in Halloween costumes.”