Singer Morgan Lander tells NME.COM that she hopes tracks from the band's new album don't appear on Napster...

KITTIE are firming up plans for the follow-up to their debut album, ‘SPIT’, released in the UK last year, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

Speaking from the band’s current stint on the Sno Core tour in America, frontwoman Morgan Lander said the group have developed a more aggressive sound, thanks to their recent slots on tours, including Ozzfest.

“We’re picking up where ‘Spit’ left off. A lot of the songs are a lot more aggressive showing a lot of what we’ve been listening to over the last year. We’re capable of doing a lot of different things which are in our own sound.

“It’s our very own sound, but the [new songs] are all a different variation of hard rock music.”

The group have seven songs penned for the effort they are hoping to record with Garth Richardson in Canada, including ‘Pain’ and ‘Mouth Full of Poison’, which they have performed live. Although the outfit has been asked to guest with Fear Factory on the Sno Core tour, they have no plans to employ guest vocalists on their as-yet-untitled effort.

“I think that’s becoming too cliched. We made a lot of friends [but] if it’s a Kittie album, it might as well be Kittie on it.”

Meanwhile, Lander expressed reservations should the songs appear on Napster before their release later this year.

“I’d probably be pretty pissed, just because usually live recordings are not the best anyway. I don’t think it would be hurtful to the next album. We’ve been playing them for [a while] and they haven’t shown up yet, but I would be really upset if after we record the CD it does show up, because it does ruin it for a lot of people, cos it takes away the surprise.”