Klaxons and Automatic give gig tips for aspiring bands

Bands advise fans on staging own shows

Bands including Klaxons, The Automatic and Placebo have all given their advice to aspiring rock stars.

The musicians are encouraging bands to put on their own DIY gigs to raise money for ActionAid’s ‘B*ll*cks To Poverty’ campaign.

Klaxons believe that getting a band off the ground is simple.


“Find somewhere small, gather all your friends and make as much noise as possible,” said Jamie Righton.

The Automatic’s Iwan Griffiths suggested having fun should be the main aim, explaining: “My tip is to do it with your friends. Get all your mates together and put on a gig in a youth club. Have fun. Try and be self-critical. Get a buzz going, put up lots of posters.”

Brian Molko of Placebo also gave his advice for aspiring bands, saying: “My tip would be to ignore fashion. The key is to find your own unique voice and follow it. Don’t jump on bandwagons, create your own ones.”

ActionAid’s Brendan O’Donnell said: “Music and protest thrive on the DIY spirit. Festivals like Glastonbury started-up because people wanted to make music and make a statement at the same time. ActionAid is calling on every DJ putting on a club night, band putting on a gig and artist putting on a show to donate a night to the ‘B*ll*cks to Poverty’ tour.”

For more information, visit Btpontour.org.

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