Klaxons and CSS declare love for each other

Lovefoxxx and Simon Reynolds get together

KlaxonsSimon Taylor-Davis and CSS’s Lovefoxxx have declared their love for each other.

The two, who got together during NME’s New Rave Tour, have spoken about their feelings for each other in this week’s NME.

KlaxonsJamie Righton said: “We’ve barely seen Simon (Taylor-Davis) in days. He’s been shacked up with Lovefoxxx since she arrived in LA getting some couple’s time in. He’s completely smitten. He’s even got a Lovefoxxx tattoo.”


CSS’s Luiza Sa said: “I think it’s crazy and great that they found each other. For me they’re like Sid and Nancy or Kurt and Courtney. They’re like the same person but in different versions, they have their own world and they’re so similar and they get along so well.

“I think they’re going to marry – honest.”

Also in the issue, there’s the ultimate festival guide featuring Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, The View, Foo Fighters and more giving their special festival survival tips.

Elsewhere, Hard-Fi reveal all about their new album and Muse reveal who are supporting them at Wembley Stadium.

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