Klaxons apologise to fans

Band release statement over Manchester Ritz fiasco

Klaxons have officially apologised on behalf of SJM and Ticketline for the fiasco that led some fans unable to get into last night’s (May 13) gig at the Manchester Ritz.

The problem has been attributed as a result of SEE tickets receiving and sending out the wrong ticket stock which came from Ticketline for 600 matinee tickets.

Problems occurred when the matinee tickets were printed with all the information on for the evening show, meaning 600 extra tickets were in circulation for that gig.

Klaxons have released a statement where they apologised to fans who were unable to get into the gig because of the mix-up.

The statement reads: “We would like to apologise to any genuine ticket holders who did not get in. If anyone had a valid ticket for either show but was not let in, we ask that in the first instance they should contact the ticket agent from who they bought tickets with ticket numbers and booking reference. The ticket agent will then be able to check if tickets were sent out and how they slipped through the net.”