Klaxons reveal David Bowie influence

Band give shout out to Eno too

Klaxons have revealed David Bowie is one of their main influences.

James Righton and Jamie Reynolds from the band cited the singer along with producer Brian Eno as their biggest inspirations. In the past Bowie has said that he was a fan of the band.

Reynolds explained: “David Bowie and Brian Eno are kind of the meeting point for us. Everything for us works in a triangle and at the centre of that triangle is those two. The two people who tie everything that we’re about and into together.”

Meanwhile Righton told Bowienet: “It’s that chameleon aspect and the way you can introduce different aspects of styles within your own bracket. You can’t ever say what Bowie truly sounds like.

“You couldn’t call him indie or rock or dance. He’s had so many different periods of experimentation and yet still he’s a realy pop star with it – that’s something special.”