Free parties return to UK

Police are attempting to stop upcoming 'raves'

Police have reported that free “rave” parties in are on the rise again in the UK.

Officers have explained that they have policed several events in recent weeks and are now attempting to find out the details of one massive, illegal party in particular, which is due to take place in the coming weeks.

Intelligence specialists are monitoring websites and party phonelines attempting to pick up word of further free parties and festivals.


An event, featuring the likes of The Klaxons, in a disused office block in London on July 21 was broken up after just one hour

Meanwhile Devon And Cornwall police are concerned that ravers will attempt a party in the West Country following a recent event in Newquay that saw partygoers used a car rally as cover for a rave.

Meanwhile, officers in Davidstow near Camelford, watched as 5,000 people hold a party on a disused airfield, while Thames Valley police are using ASBO legislation to crack down on raves, The Guardian reports.

The Conservative government passed The Criminal Justice and Public Act Order in 1994 attempting to thwart the spread of dance culture parties. It gave police the power to tackle “A gathering on land in the open air…at which amplified music is played during the night.”

However with the current rise of the new rave scene, it’s believed fans are now also resurrecting free party culture.

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