Former Mercury Prize winners Klaxons give their verdict on 2010 shortlist

Band continue their takeover of NME.COM by reviewing this week's prize announcement

Former Barclaycard Mercury Prize winners Klaxons have given their verdict on this year’s shortlist, which was announced on Tuesday (July 20).

The band, who won the award in 2007 for their debut ‘Myths Of The Near Future’, said it is vital for anyone who is competing for the prize to record the most original album they possibly can.

“You’ve got to do something completely away from the ‘norm’ and what is going on at the moment,” keyboard player and vocalist James Righton told NME. “You can’t reference one thing too heavily, you’ve got to create something new. That could be through merging genres, like we did. That’s a Mercury record in my eyes, you’ve got to make something the world hasn’t heard before.”

The band believe These New Puritans should win this year’s award for their recent album ‘Hidden’, despite the fact the Southend band aren’t on the shortlist.

“I’d really like to have seen These New Puritans win it,” said guitarist Simon Taylor-Davies. “I think they’ve taken their music to new grounds, and their record evoked something new in me which I can’t say I’ve heard in a while. I would absolutely love to have seen Fuck Buttons on the list too.”

Meanwhile, bassist and singer Jamie Reynolds has his money on The xx from this year’s shortlist, declaring: “My hunch is The XX are going to win it this year.”

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