Klaxons: ‘We thought we’d never be able to make an album again’

Band hint that they considered stepping away from music

Klaxons have admitted that, before they completed new album ‘Surfing The Void’, they questioned whether they would be able to make a second album at all.

The London band spent over three years making the album, scrapping studio sessions on the way, with keyboard player/vocalist James Righton telling NME that early on in the process he wondered whether they might not have it in them at all.

Speaking in the new issue of the magazine, out today (July 21), and which is availble this week for the special price of £1.50, he said: “For a while we were nowhere near the headspace to make a record. The more we discussed what we wanted to become, the more tangled we got. It felt so forced. The opposite of what we were about.”

He added: “If I’m honest there was a brief point where I thought, ‘Was it all just a moment in time that we can’t recreate? Will we ever be able to do it again?'”

See the new issue of NME, out in the UK now, or read it digitally worldwide for the full interview with the band.

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