Klaxons’ album update, Chapman Family’s JLS pledge – what we’ve learnt on Twitter this week (Nov 13)

All the best tweets from your favourite musicians

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time to take a look back at what our favourite musicians have been up to on Twitter over the past seven days. This week, KlaxonsJamie Reynolds gives fans an update on the band’s new album, The Subways reveal they have good taste in TV programmes and SupergrassMick Quinn tweets about a vagina.

Here’s some of the best tweets from the past week, spelling mistakes and all

Alex Kapranos, Franz Ferdinand: “Probably my favourite gig in Tokyo last night. The crowd crushing the barrier was like a graceful wave breaking on a beach.”

Jamie Reynolds, Klaxons:” I rarely use the acronym but… OMG . Steffan just really did it on the drums . He has it . OMG”

Mick Quinn, Supergrass: “Not every day you see a band being born from a giant glowing vagina”

The Subways: “I’m watching ‘The Thick Of It’ series 2 episode 3. It’s amaaaaaazing as usual!”

The Chapman Family: “might go and buy a few JLS albums just to ensure the fat dancer doesn’t get to number one.”

P Diddy: “Waking up watching ‘purple rain’! Its gonna be a great day. I can feel it! Can you feel it?”

Keisha Buchanan: “Its been 2weeks since i had a glass of water!!!!!! Yikes!!!! Even though i hate water im starting 2 feel crappy so i need to get over it lol”

Reverend Run, Run DMC: “Get up!! Get going!! Staaaay fascinated!! Being lazy & bored is an insult to oneself! (real talk!)”

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