Klaxons reveal identity of mystery space cat on ‘Surfing The Void’ cover

Band continue their NME.COM takeover by revealing some album 'secrets'

Klaxons have revealed who the mystery cat on the cover of their forthcoming album ‘Surfing The Void’ belongs to.

Singer and bassist Jamie Reynolds told NME the Norwegian Blue, who is dressed in an orange space suit on the band’s cover art , belongs to him.

“That’s actually my cat, I got him from Hackney two Christmas’ ago,” Reynolds explained of the cover star. “His name’s Orphee [after the 1949 French film] but I just call him Boy because I don’t want to stand out the back of my house screaming ‘Orphee!'”


Reynolds said the cat is a big fan of the band and he really enjoyed being shot for the cover of their second album, which is due out on August 23.

“He’s really into our music,” he added. “I keep getting phone calls from my mum saying the whole thing’s going to his head and he keeps taking up more space on the bed than he used to.”

Reynolds continued: “He didn’t actually mind going on the cover, because I had to bring him up for the photo shoot. He loves the adventure, like a Tom Sawyer cat.”

The band based their album cover on producer Ross Robinson‘s screensaver, but had to recreate it because the original email was not available, and so called on Orphee‘s services.

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