Council can’t stop Klaxons, Kooks at Twitter-inspired house party

London singer-songwriter Alan Pownall's bash goes viral after online post

Klaxons, The Kooks, Mumford and Sons and Frederick Blood-Royale from Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man were among the musicians who attended a house party in London at the weekend that spiralled after fans got wind of it via Twitter.

The musicians started Tweeting about the party, hosted by emerging singer-songwriter Alan Pownall on Friday (October 2). Soon over 200 people had crashed the party, with the local council paying a visit at 5am (BST).

The council eventually managed to close down the party at 10am on Saturday morning. “I was only expecting a few friends over, but after it got on Twitter the #alanpownallhouseparty [hash tag] spiralled,” Pownall told NME.COM. “I look forward to next time.”

Pownall seemingly made the most of the attendance for promotional purposes. According to Blood-Royale via his Twitter page,, “as every guest left, Alan Pownall handed them an album sampler.”

Pownall plays London‘s Pure Groove venue on October 13 and 27 and November 10.