Klaxons: ‘No new album until 2010’

Band say they have loads of songs but no producer

Klaxons have put back their forthcoming second album until 2010.

NME.COM broke the news that the London band were re-recording parts of the follow-up to their 2007 debut ‘Myths Of The Near Future’ after initial versions were rejected by their label.

Now, despite having nearly 30 songs at their disposal, the band said they are still looking for a producer to finish the new record following work with James Ford, who also produced their debut.

“We’ve now got 28 songs and we’re just about to put it together as a complete record,” frontman Jamie Reynolds told BBC 6 Music. “We’re looking for a producer and if anyone out there makes records, give us a bell.”

Explaining the delay, he added: “We’d really like to put out the first great record of the 2010s rather than the last great one of this decade. Now that’s become an aspiration and a goal.”

The band have previously showcased new songs ‘Moonhead’, ‘Imaginary Pleasures’, ‘In Silver Forest’ and ‘Valley Of The Calm Trees’ on a clutch of live dates earlier in the year.