LA DJ calls on Klaxons and Justice for new album

Steve Aoki collaborates with big-name friends on 'Pillowface' project

Klaxons, Justice, Bloc Party and Datarock are just a few of the high-profile friends that have contributed to famed Los Angeles DJ Steve Aoki‘s forthcoming debut album, ‘Pillowface & His Airplane Chronicles’.

Due out in the US on January 22, the17-track album combines electro and hip-hop elements in up-tempo remixes that are Aoki‘s trademark.

“This album is an intro to a lot of kids of what electro is,” Aoki told NME.COM. “Justice and MSTRKRFT are breaking a lot of ground with kids who haven’t heard a lot of good electro music in the last five years.

“I also wanted to satisfy people who already knew about the tracks by adding something different. So I combined them with a fresh American hip-hop element to make it exciting.”

Aoki recruited artists affiliated with his own Dim Mak record label such as Bloc Party, Scanners and Har Mar Superstar, as well as friends like Hot Hot Heat‘s Steve Bays and some of his favourite musicians to lend a hand on the album.

Klaxons are like my favourite band right now so I knew I wanted them on the album. And Spank Rock is like the Bad Brains of our time. The toughest part of the whole process was actually licensing the tracks. I picked about 70 tracks for the album and only 17 made it (due to licensing issues).”

Aoki has spent the past year putting the album together, grabbing time in his LA studio between DJing gigs around the world.

“I travel incessantly — I’ve been doing five-hour flights every day for weeks,” he said on his way to Nova Scotia before heading to San Francisco to DJ the following day and Los Angeles the next.

Aoki said that his constant traveling inspired the album title ‘Pillowface & His Airplane Chronicles’. “Pillowface is my alter-ego that I created for my own sanity,” Aoki explained. “He never sleeps and somehow survives because his head turns into a pillow.

‘Airplane Chronicles’ is about traveling from city to city — from Datarock all the way up in Sweden to Justice in Paris to Spank Rock in America. And it’s definitely an ongoing thing. It’s a musical book and this album is only the first part.”

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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