Deleted KLF albums appear on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify

Long lost music available to fans for first time since 1992

A number of albums by The KLF appeared on retail sites and music streaming services late last night (January 16) despite being deleted over 20 years ago.

Copies of ‘The White Room’, ‘Chill Out’, ‘The White Room (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’, ‘The Lost Sounds Of Mu Vols 1 And 2’ and ‘Space’ all appeared on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify overnight and remain there at the time of writing. Fans can stream all of the tracks and purchase full albums as well as separate songs through the download stores.

The KLF famously deleted all of their albums, meaning no further copies would ever be made available, when they split in 1992. It is not known if band members Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty are behind their reemergence or if it is an outside party.


The availability of the albums was spotted by KLF fansite @KLF_Updates who posted a series of tweets on the subject, including: “No idea how these got on iTunes but there you go. Will they be there for long?” Further tweets from the account read: “I seriously don’t believe this! I really don’t. I must have woken up in a parallel universe”, “Lost Sounds of Mu and White Room OST on amazon too. None of these were legitimate releases maybe the KLF bootlegged themselves!”, “Listening to KLF via Spotify. It must be about 20 years since you could get KLF through recognised channels.”

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