The record purports to be a collection of live recordings - but the duo claim to know nothing about it...

Mystery surrounds a new album that purports to be from arch pop terrorists The KLF.

The record, ‘The KLF – Live On Stage’, has been sent to a number of UK music publications claiming to be a response to the huge number of The KLF bootlegs in circulation. The album contains 13 well known tracks and claims to be made-up of recordings of the band performing live. A catalogue listing of Jams CD11 is included, a prefix used in the past by the duo.

However, The KLF never performed live, making only one or two brief PAs during their entire history. The duo, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty split The KLF several years ago, returning briefly at different times as The K Foundation and 2K.


An official spokesperson for the pair claims the release to be bogus. “It’s just something somebody else has put together,” he said. “I’ve spoken to Jimmy and he insists that this has nothing to do with either himself or Bill Drummond.”

In the past, The KLF have not been adverse to the occasional scam and publicity stunt. Masters of manipulating media and perceptions of themselves, aside from taking off to a Scottish island to burn what may or may not have been £1million in cash, they have released and re-released ‘What Time Is Love’ slightly changing the title and scoring chart hits each time and also left a dead sheep on the steps outside the 1992 Brit Awards ceremony.


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