'Wave Twisters: The Movie' is set in "inner space"...

Rappers KOOL KEITH and PRINCE PAUL have created WAVE TWISTERS: THE MOVIE – a GORILLAZ-style film billed as the first full-length, animated hip-hop movie.

Set in “inner space”, the film features various animated characters including an evil baby posessed by a tapeworm. The dialogue is sampled from old TV shows while the film’s story is about an animated “dental commander” who battles villainous DJs by spinning his own records.

The film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival and is now being played at various screenings in the US. There are no confirmed UK screenings although a video and DVD release is likely.

And yet more hip-hop stars are signing up for Hollywood movies. Sisqo has already made the teen comedy ‘Get Over It’ and is now working on ‘Winterdance’, a comedy with Cuba Gooding Jr where he plays a dental assistant.

Meanwhile, Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man and rapper Redman are making the Hollywood comedy How High. Bob Dylan‘s son Jesse is the director and Danny Devito is one of the producers.

Cypress Hill also make an appearance in the film, as the house band at a campus party.

The two rappers star as Jamal and Silas, two friends who smoke something strange, which helps them easily pass their exams and end up at Harvard University. However, their supernatural dope runs out and they are forced to rely on their own intelligence.

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